Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Le Masque" - digital painting test of "The Mask"

Sometimes I get an itch to paint and it eats at me until i finally put stylus to tablet and bring it to life.
such is the case with this painting. I hadn't plan on doing this as I was working on another piece about the Mask already. But unfortunately my mind had already started sketching & doing layouts until finally i sat down and painted it.

I wanted to make this a French style caricature- esque design. I love the Mask's suit and how it can be very angular and I wanted to exaggerate it here, kinda like Tex Avery. Tinas hair was a nightmare, I'm really pushing myself more and more to draw more details and I really pushed it with the hair. I must have re drawn it 20 times and I like the way it came out.

Hope you all like it!

Also, the Mask turns 20 this month so go stream it or buy it because its fantastic!


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