Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pacific Rim, the Movie Poster by Mauro Balcazar

I can't wait for this film.

I've been a fan of del Toro for many years, I've gone as far as meeting the man on a book signing even after my car had been broken into earlier in the day (Thanks you bastards). I had brought him a drawing I made him when i was younger, looking back now it was very rough and it's cool to see how my art has developed over the years. (pictured below). He was a great guy to talk to, very friendly and instantly spoke to me in Spanish when he saw me. Threw me off because it felt like i was talking to a normal person, i don't bust the Spanish out for just anyone, even my GF was awe struck lol.

When you mix my love for giant Monster movies and Robots you get the awesome that is Pacific Rim! I remember seeing the director Guillermo del Toro talk about the film at New York Comic Con (i Snuck into the press Q&A and got so close to asking him a question :-/ ). He talked about the Kaiju Monster films that inspired him making the film and what a great experience Pacific Rim was going to be. I thought, finally, a great Monster Movie done by a Westerner!!!!

The excitement continued when my GF and I bought tix to go see him speak at the Nerdist podcast live after the NYCC. He talked about the film further, going into detail about the Kaiju culture and the awesome Mechs that the films human characters pilot. It was a great night, hearing someone i actually admire talk about movies and his passion for making them (he talked about having to fight the studios to get Ron Perlman cast as Hellboy for Christ's sake!). 

 After hearing all this awesome pacific Rim talk, and after the trailer came out, I really wanted to try and design something that I would have loved to see adorn a movie theater. Honestly, I drew this for myself, when it was all done i stepped back and realize dthat this is why i am so looking forward to seeing the movie. Giant landscapes and two titans battling with the city as there backdrop, it's epic in scale and i get a feeling of wonder. (imagine if Cloverfield had to fight a robot, it'd even the odds lol)  Obviously I'm not privy to the monster designs so i embellished what i could on the poster.

so there you have it, I hope you like it. I know it's not a Modo print ( one day :-) i wish) but a lot went into this poster and I hope you connect to it in some way.

enjoy!- M

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