Friday, March 30, 2012

The Men in Black New Yorker Cover circa 1969 by Mauro Balcazar

What can i say?

I am a huge fan of the New Yorker covers and every month I look forward to the amazing art they use on their covers. I always wanted to do a New Yorker cover, and came up with a cool little idea about what it would be like if we did make contact, a la, Men in Black, in the 60's. How awesome would it be to have the New Yorker capture this moment in history on their front page cover? I hope you guys like it, i had a lot of fun drawing this and i think it's one of my favorite Men in Black pieces to date that I've drawn.

I added a variant version of the art as well, can you spot the easter eggs i've drawn in there? little nods to the MIB universe and even the cartoon. enjoy!!!! :-)

Enjoy Humans. - Mauro

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