Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's ShowTime!!!...Beetlejuice Poster!!!


lol, Here is my latest "maurolyzed" (see, i made that word totally up) style poster for the Tim Burton Film, Beetlejuice. I borrowed elements very much in the vein of my last Dragon style poster. I recently re-watched this film on blu ray and loved the memories i had as a kid watching this. I wanted to try my hand at a new edgy poster for it, and here she is.

I really wanted to capture my favorite moments and characters from the film and hope i did it justice. For those asking, I spelled the name like that on purposed since that's how it was spelled in the film. Remember, don't say his name!!!

*in the film, it was misspelled on purpose i think, so you couldn't really pronounce his real name correctly. GENIUS!!

Want it on a shirt or a sticker?? check it out here :-) thanks!!

I will have a few of these available as prints at comic con.

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