Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beware...The Gray Ghost!!! Batman Animated

I drew this a while ago, always loved the Batman Animated Series growing up. One episode in particular comes to mind, where Batman meets one of his childhood idols, the Gray Ghost. In a scene, the camera pans to his collection of memorabilia and you can see a poster of "The Gray Ghost" on the wall.

I loved the idea of Batman having his own nerdy collection of the Gray ghost, someone he admired in his childhood, inside the batcave. It's only seen for i think 2 seconds, but it was very well done in the animation and I thought it would be neat to have as a print to give Mr Conroy as a present. Im going to bring some to NYCC and hopefully get Kevin Conroy sign it for me. Hope you all like it.

* done in digital watercolors to give it that animated style painted look. :-)


Happy to report I was able to give one of these prints to Kevin Conroy to keep at a panel at the NYCC. I was so glad he mentioned the character earlier in the panel, and he seemed surprised to see the drawing after the panel of the gray ghost. really really nice guy. I was happy so much fun and I was able to get my personal copy signed.

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