Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Silver Surfer Skateboard!

And now for something completely different!

I've had this design stuck in my head for weeks and i just needed to sit down and design it. I'm fascinated by Skateboard decks, and even tho i suck at it, i still have some of my boards. Art lends itself so well to these blank decks and I've always wanted a Silver Surfer skateboard.

Seriously, how in the last few decades has there not been a Marvel licensed Silver Surfer skateboard???
The character lends itself so well to the skateboarding culture, and yea surfing too, the simple clean design a just screams to be made.

So i sat down, and designed a retro marvel cardback using Jack Kirby's space artwork. The vivid colors, throwback comic book layout and blister packaging make these perfect for collectors. But more importantly, i wanted the design to make you feel as cool as the Silver Surfer as you skate on a board thats infused with the power cosmic.

I'm hoping one of these boards come into production at some point, would love to ride this and presumably fall off it before i'm too old.

Watch out for more "wish this was real" concept work from me, I had too much fun with this. Enjoy!

* note, the Silver Surfer is owned by Marvel comics and this was created as a production concept.

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