Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Shades" - an illustrated look at the famous glasses in pop culture history!

After many months penciling, inking, coloring and designing, my new book "Shades" is here!

"Shades" is an illustrative look at my favorite glasses throughout pop culture history. From the 1933 "Invisible Mans" Motorcycle glasses to the recent tortoiseshell frames worn by "Harry Hart" in the "Kingsmen, Shades captures the gnarliest glasses inspired by my love of films and tv!

As a young shy kid, it fascinated me how sunglasses made people appear so confident and nigh invulnerable. I wanted so badly to be as cool as the characters I saw on tv and felt that a pair of shades would do that for me. Thats what started me collecting all sorts of unique glasses, and as an illustrator, inspired me to draw what made these characters so special to me.

Thats always been the intention for “Shades”, to capture the confidence a pair
of glasses gives a person, the same way I saw these characters in this book as a
kid. I hope you all enjoy the art as much as I did drawing them, it was a lot of fun re visiting these great characters.

If you'd like to see the book in it's entirety, check out my online portfolio MrMauro.com

order your copy via Amazon!

stay Rad!

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