Monday, November 3, 2014

The Final Level - the Last Dragon 30th anniversary print

Thanks to my friend Craig at The last Dragon Tribute site, I will be at the The last Dragon 30th anniversary reunion & screening of the film in NY Nov 8th. Since my original last Dragon poster was the 1st piece of art I drew, I wanted to make this 30th anniversary really special by designing a new art print for the show.

One of the challenges I had with creating this new piece was trying to re tell a story that I had done in my first Last Dragon poster. My style and art has changed vastly since my first attempt and I really wanted to re do the whole poster. but doing so, wouldn't be fair and a cop out. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to come up with a great way to show you how awesome this movie is.

Thankfully after a long night of sketches and pizza, i realized that the film in many ways resembled Brice Lees' Game of Death. for example, Bruce Leroy, much like Bruce lee, has to go through different levels of fighters until he reaches the big boss for his final test & fight. I wanted my layout to have this hierarchy to it, showing the minor henchmen all the way up to the big boss, sho nuff.

there was such a bevy of crazy oddball bad guys I could have drawn but I really wanted to include some of my favorites heres. Really had fun bringing this to life and I hope I can share my love of this film with the fans of the film this Nov 8th to celebrate such an awesome film!

Thank you to all the fans of my 1st poster and for supporting what I do!

Shine on!

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evanlarsen said...

Where can i buy this awesome poster? evan.larsen (at) gmail (dot) com