Monday, December 19, 2011

Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop print by Mauro Balcazar

I was listening to Pandora and came across a new track by the Glitch Mob and became really obsessed with it for a few days. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm in love with all things robots. Listening to the lyrics i quickly painted this image image in my head and really wanted to express it on paper, digital paper. Here's the lyric.

"Stand Still, Pause Clocks, We Can Make The world Stop!"

I couldn't stop repeating the lyrics and found myself sketching on a napkin something randomly. What evolved from that doodle is the following Rebellious Robot drawing that I hope you enjoy. and yes, the Binary code above does mean the lyric. :-) #BONUS

Here the image larger to check out :-)

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