Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Agliarept, Part Time Ghost Hunter,, Full Time Teen


Got excited over at www.redbubble.com when they announced their New York Comic Con contest this year. Seems there looking for a cool superhero concept and luckily I've been working on mine for some time now. This would be as good as any time to show it off in a nice laid out comic panel approach. Here's my submission:


Agliarept in: How to fight the dead!

Living your life as a teenage boy trapped in an ancient alchemist's armor can be tough. One minute your on death's bed suffering from a rare disease and the next you wake up in the 21st century inside some archaic robot contraption. Life's funny that way ain't it?

Together with his new friend Francis, a haunting spirit who's been trapped inside a lab for 100 years, Sam, who's father use to work in said lab, chase and capture evil spirits who just so happen to want Agy's nifty suit and will stop at nothing to get it.

on this submission I thought it be good to provide some tips on what you'd need when approaching and fighting the dead..although somethings are easier said then done :-).

This is a comic i am writing as a short story novel with pictures? It's a dark comedy as our hero doesn't really want his new gig and has a tough time coming to terms with his new body and powers.

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