Saturday, March 19, 2011

Comics for Japan!

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In lieu of the horrible events in Japan i started donating to these organizations to help out those in Japan. And here is a comic I drew which will appear in Comics for Japan to raise awareness. Thanks for reading and please use the links below if you wish to give to those in need.

and please don't send yourself to Japan in a box, that only works in comics and cartoons! :-)


Tony McGurk said...

Great work for the Comics for Japan effort. If they don't want the banana can I have it? After the floods in Northern Australia our banana prices have gone through the roof & they have become too expensive to afford. Nearly $10 per kilo. Maybe we need a comics for bananas for Australia campaign

decobot said...

Thanks for the comment Tony, im glad you liked the comic. I enjoyed reading your Super Broccoli strip as well! sorry to hear about the floods affecting your bananas in Australia. this crazy weather is causing some serious issues all over the globe.