Wednesday, November 19, 2008

spykee spy robot hacked and dissected

well i finally opened up and dissected my spykee robot. I have to say, im not to happy with the robot, battery is dull and the self park is not exactly as advertised. Although im still toying with the idea of taking it back to Toyrus, i opened it up to see what sort of mods i could do. this robot is easily modified through the LED system and you can remove those fake "fiber optic" cables and just put your own kind of leds. i even added a volume vu led meter that gets its power off of the spykee's speakers. check out the video to see it work. I think theres more hacks for this robot i am going to do, but for now i just wanted to see what it realy looked like underneath its little cheap plastic exterior. dont mind me dirty socks, such is life! ..... :-)

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